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Rules & Regulations

(Please refer to your application for more specific rules & regulations)

For All:

  • Participants from last year will not have a secured space after January 1, 2018.
  • First aid stations and ATM's will be located on the festival grounds.
  • Limited security will be present on the grounds; however, vendors are responsible for the security of their booths and contents. If you are outdoors, we suggest that you remove art, products, etc. from your booth each evening. The Denton Festival Foundation and organizers accept no responsibility for stolen or damaged property, or accident or injury.
  • The Denton Festival Foundation reserves the right to revoke or refuse to grant space at any time without recourse by the exhibitor, vendor, or entertainer and shall not be held liable to anyone for this action.
  • Applicants will be notified of acceptance within 2 weeks of applying. Additional information, parking passes, area map, etc., will be mailed two weeks prior to Festival.
  • Raffles, drawings and / or solicited donations are strictly prohibited.
  • Ice will be available to buy at a designated areas. It will not be delivered to your booth.
  • No hook-ups will be provided for mobile homes or travel trailers at the festival site.
  • Any booth, tent, or structure over 200 square feet must apply for a permit from the City of Denton Fire Department Prevention Division and must show a certificate of flame retardant material. Call(940) 349-8156 for application permit ($25).
  • All tents and booth structures must abide by safety measures to insure the booth is adequately secured in case of bad weather or strong winds.
  • Vendors and artists must list their Texas sales tax ID number on the application.
  • Please provide a picture of your booth setup and display.
  • You are not allowed to sell any merchandise away from your assigned booth space.
  • All artists and vendors may only sell the items or conduct the activities that have been specifically approved in writing.
  • All vendors are required by the City of Denton to purchase a Vendor Permit. Fees for the vendor permits are payable to the City of Denton. An application for the permit will be provided to you upon acceptance to the show.

For Artists / Crafters:

  • All Festival Artists and Craftsmen must supply appropriate pictures. Please include three 35mm color photos (no slides) which are representative of the work intended for show and/or sale. Each photo should include artist's name and a number which corresponds with the written description.

For Food Vendors:

  • Returning vendors have until January 1st to claim their space. After that date, applications will be mailed based on the date received and menu selections provided in the request. We work very hard to limit the number of offerings in each area of the park to increase sales for each participating vendor.
  • Food vendors that need their refridgeration and / or small storage for products behind booth must get approval on the size of equipment. Booth spaces are 10x10 and large trucks and vehicles behind booths will not be allowed.
  • No trailers - only 10x10 booth structures.
  • We encourage use of recyclable products for food service.
  • Food vendors are required to bring their own fire extinguishers. Food vendors will not be allowed to cook under the booth or tent. Cooking behind the structure and serving under the structure is allowed.

For Games & Activities:

  • All game and activity booths must show proof of insurance if accepted.

Upon request, we will issue one "load in/load out permit" for your car or truck in addition to your reserved parking lot permit. These vehicles cannot remain on festival grounds or behind your booth during festival hours. Your car will be ticketed and/or towed. Parking for load in /load out vehicles cannot park in reserved parking lots unless it is one and the same vehicle with both permits in clear view. Only one reserved parking permit will be issued per booth space.

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